Retail Right TRAINING Advantages

Learn at your location for private, individualized attention

Gain valuable insights from staff who have dealt with many departments/buyers at Wal-Mart and have many years of Retail Link® experience

Small classes –more interactive and attention is given to your specific business needs

Training can be customized for your specific business needs

3 months follow-up support is provided after the training to answer your questions and provide additional guidance with analyzing your business


Length of Workshop - 1 Day

Navigate through Retail Link®

Set-up “Your Business at a Glance”

Basic Reporting and Interpretation of Results

Saving, Scheduling and Sharing Reports

Adhoc SKU Forecast

Supply Chain Basics

Company Forecast

Monitoring and Maintaining Optimal Store Instocks

Create Custom Brand Groups, Store Groups or Item Groups

SWAS Reports




A Detailed Review of Your Buyers Favourite Reports

Gain a solid understanding of how to interpret the results of these key reports.


Supplier Performance Scorecard

Business Line Review


Schedule a private Retail Link® Training  session AT YOUR LOCATION


This course will be customized to your specific business needs.

Please contact Retail Right for more details.