Since 2004, Retail Right has been successfully working with manufacturers to help manage, analyze and increase their sales at Walmart.

Retail Right has extensive knowledge of Walmart's Retail Link®  POS system and has broad experience across several Walmart geographic regions- Canada, U.S. Mexico and Central America.


Retail Right has worked with Walmart vendors of all sizes, from Tier 1 to start-up companies and has the knowledge to work on any type of Retail Link®  project.


Having worked with over 70 Walmart suppliers across the globe has given us the expertise to maximize the effectiveness of Retail Link®.

Some examples of past collaborative supplier wins at Walmart  include:

Vendor winning Walmart "Vendor of the Year" in the seasonal category for the 1st time.

Walmart vendor growing volume double digit for 5 consecutive years.

Guiding a  new supplier through the Walmart process from product approval to on shelf.

Expanding vendor's business into new categories.

Implemented regional pricing strategy to maximize profits.