Become an even more valuable supplier to Walmart by utilizing the power of Retail Link®

Use Retail Link® effectively in order to grow your business at Walmart and develop a strong collaborative relationship with your buyer and Replenishment team. Become a proactive supplier instead of a reactive one. Retail Link® can help you discover potential issues before they become a big problem.


Do you need assistance with:

Instock % - are you meeting Wal-Mart's target of 98.5%?

Weekly summary of your products key metrics

New item performance and distribution

Sales performance by store

Maintaining optimal inventory levels at both  at stores and warehouses

Monitoring weekly store forecasts and recommending adjustments when needed

Preparing for modular reviews

Promotional analysis


With Retail Link® we can help you understand  the Walmart consumer purchase behaviour of your products.

Repurchase cycle time of your item

Percentage of Walmart customers that buy your product

Top 10 items that are purchased with your item

Average basket size of consumers that bought your item

Purchase quantities per basket

Product sales by hour (weekend vs. weekday)

Determine what method of payment your customers are using



Going to a meet with your Walmart buyer?

Be prepared by having a concise business reviews of your results and recommendations to drive sales.