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Are you maximizing the potential of Retail Link ?

If you are a consumer packaged goods supplier to Wal-Mart you understand the importance of Retail Link. Retail Link is a powerful tool that allows Wal-Mart suppliers access to their sales data. This sharing of valuable information is a huge benefit which will enable suppliers to monitor their performance and make the most informed business decisions. Do you need a business consultant that understands Retail Link and can help you with your Wal-Mart and Sam's Club business?

Retail Right can work with you to analyze your Retail Link data and set-up templates which will allow you to easily identify opportunities and highlight success stories for your buyer.

Retail Link training courses are available if you are new to Retail Link or need to gain valuable insights into how to use the information more effectively. Retail Link training courses are specialized designed to meet your level of expertise.


Are you maximizing the potential of Category Management?

Category Management is becoming more and more important to retailers and manufacturers in the consumer packaged goods industry. With hundreds of new products entering the marketplace every year, categories are dynamic and brand performance can shift rapidly. Constant decisions need to be made to determine which items are underperforming and need to be replaced with new items. Category analysis is the only true measure of market performance.

Do you need someone to analyze your business and make informed, actionable recommendations to maximize your sales and profits and meet consumers needs?

Do you need someone who understands Category Management and has the ability to interpret the data and who can provide the right fact-based decisions for your category?

Retail Right can assist you in the arduous task of Category Management and takes an unbiased approach to analyzing your category, building an insightful category review and developing the right strategy to achieve your goals and objectives.

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